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what and where to find components to make a custom candle TEG with two 5v outputs


Apr 13, 2021
Apr 13, 2021
this is an experiment i wanna try. there is basically only two products on amazon that do this but they are at least 10 cm in diameter for the hot side which i think is too much surface area. although i could be wrong and maybe one of these two products will work enough with a custom candle and can achieve 4 to 5 watts.

the three TEG 56mm modules i was looking at are:
(17.7w, 9v, 301w heat flow at 290c DT)
(21.6w, 7.2v, 365w heat flow at 270c DT)
(19.3w, 4.2v, 386w heat flow at 270c DT)

i imagine the 3rd TEG rated 19w is the least desirable for this application because of the higher heat flow and low voltage. and perhaps the first option would be more desirable because of the lower heat flow. tho the voltage might be a bit high, but i think the voltage is lower the lower the DT.

i know what candle materials i wanna use and i can manage building the metal bracing side of things, i think i just need help with the electronic part of things and which TEG module to use. and if anyone knows of a decent heat sink 56mm x 56mm or a bit larger. i live in canada, bc.

what would i wire to the TEG to output a steady 5v up to 3 Amps on one usb socket. and another usb socket with 5v what ever that will power a 5v 0.25w Noctua 40mm fan i think it might be called a voltage regulator with usb outputs. maybe i would wire a usb connection to the TEG so it can plug into a usb voltage regulator? i dont know. i imagine knowing the voltage range of the TEG output under practice with a custom candle would be helpful, but i know that yet. ive never built or wired anything electronic together before. my family isn't electronically inclined either but there is a multi-meter i can use.

i know this next part of the idea isn't electronics related but i thought id share anyways.

i plan to use a beeswax candle with 1 or more wicks (up to 4 perhaps if needed to achieve at least 5 watts usb charging, 15 watts if i can.) i imagine id want some over head in watts available so as the candle burns down and gets further away there is some leeway before it drops below the desired watts. but then again maybe the voltage will be too high, idk.

i will probably use a shallow container and i think beeswax burns a long time. for instance, i think a beeswax tealight will burn for 8-9 hours. and i think i would only need four wicks burning for 2 hours. the wick size is 1mmx2mm braided. i imagine i would like to have side walls on the bottom (hot side) of the TEG to retain more heat. as well as keep the heat source (flame) as close to the TEG for as long as i can (at least to point the TEG wont be damaged.)

i read in this link a candle flame is 1000 celcius. and i think beeswax candles burn hotter than normal candles. i also read on a forum searching for the btu's of beeswax that 0.5 lbs of white beeswax has 11,300 btu's. and i read somewhere 1 lb of beeswax will burn for at least 100 hours. so i did a rough guesstimate and divided 22,600 btu's by 110 hours and got 205 btu's per hour. i then converted that to watts and got 60 watts per wick. take this information with a grain of salt.
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