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what connector size



Jan 1, 1970
Got several unmarked coax lines of different OD sizes.

I need to use some twist on bnc end connectors, as my application requires
occasional need to remove the connectors to pull the cables though a small
hole, then later reinstall the bnc ends.

The bnc twist on connectors come in several sizes.

Is there a chart or table that will tell me what coax type I likely have by
the OD measurement?

Do I need to trim a short length off the coax cable end each time I reuse
the bnc twist on fittings?

Larry Oravetz

Jan 1, 1970
Not that simple.. Twist ones need the correct center conductor wire
diameter. RG 6 and RG59 cables have different sizes eventhough the jacket OD
is the same.