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What's Your Favorite Processor on an FPGA?

What the hell is wrong with PARALLEL?
You get the _whole_ byte/word/whatever each possible I/O cycle and do
not have to wait 20+ cycles for preamble bits, 16 data bits, stop bits
(maybe more for stupid "framing" because designer was too lazy to
enforce assumptions that would speed things up).

The real problem with parallel channels is that the length
(propagation delay) of each channel must be the same.

In the 1970's with 1/2 inch magnetic tapes, the 1600 BPI tapes were
much easier to read, since each channel was self-clocked.

However, in order to read 800 BPI (non-self-clocked) tapes written on
a foreign tape drive, you had to use a screw driver to adjust the read
head azimuth angle, to compensate for the skew at different bit


Jan 1, 1970
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