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Where to buy EL wire?


Daniel Pitts

Jan 1, 1970
Anyone have any leads on cheap EL (electroluminescent) wire? I've found
a lot of cheap parts on eBay, but then some parts aren't as cheap on eBay.

Any suggestions welcome.

I don't know about them. I got stuff I ordered in dribs and drabs
over a months time, had my email address sent to some Nigerian scam
artists, and they are still sending me email advertising after opting
out several times.

I ordered form DX a couple of weeks ago and almost instantly got an email
requesting that I scan both sides of my credit card and give them the first
three and last four digits of my SSN. The email almost beat the order
acknowledgement from DX itself (they had already charged my CC).
Never again.

Haven't heard anything from the scammers again but it'll probably go on
I've used DX for years and they have never passed my email onto anyone
else. Of late they are starting to almost spam me - about 1 email a
fortnight - I can live with that.

It's not the spam that's the issue. It's the connection with scammers that
makes me nervous dealing with them anymore. If the scammers are reading their
email (or worse), I have no interest in doing business with them anymore. I
don't do business with crooks.
I have dealt with them for years. I also see no evidence of a connection
of them with scammers. One of the problems humans have is that we often
draw connections between unrelated events.

The events *were* related. The scammers had my order information!
I keep close track of who has what information by providing everyone I
deal with, with a unique version of my name. As I said I have no evidence
of DX dealing with scammers.

Bought from them lately?

Daniel Pitts

Jan 1, 1970
--Another good source is They have discounts from
time to time too; there's one for bulk purchase, one for Burning Man and one
for their occasional Solder Fest or whatever it's called, where you can go
to the store (in Oakland, CA) and get a good tutorial on working with the
5 months later, this is a good link. I'm actually close to Oakland, so
maybe I'll check them out in person.

Michael Black

Jan 1, 1970
$100 for a RGB Led strip light, when the Amazon price is ~$30 with an
infrared controller.
One of those places. The costs are high, but they may make it simpler for
you to buy a single item, or collect together things of a similar nature
that would otherwise cause you to shop at multiple outlets.

Even Edmund Scientific forty years ago was like that. IN some areas the
prices were great, some other thing weren't, but if you were building a
science project, it meant you could get everything from one place.

I once sent away for a catalog aimed at "audio snobs", thinking it might
be a source of parts. It wasn't, because they sold only high end
capacitors and the like (for that maximum high fidelity sound) and each
cost an arm and a leg. But you could buy in single quantities.