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Where to buy VU meters?


Sal Holland

Jan 1, 1970
Is there somewhere I can buy an old analog VU meter?

I have a Tascam 244 that has a blown meter and need to find a
replacement. I called Teac and they no longer have them.

I checked ebay, and saw some meter setups where people want $100+ to
$900! $900?? What is going on?

If you go here:

that is the same model I have. In the second picture on the right, you
can see the analog VU meters. My fouth meter is blown.

Anyone have any ideas of a source for VU meters? I assume as long as
it's -20 to +3, it should be ok. At worse, I could take it out of the
plastic panel and put it in the blown meter's plastic panel, so that
it would physically fit.

- Sal