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Jim Divoky

Jan 1, 1970
Can anyone suggest a web site that provides guidelines for selecting a
security/control system for residential use for consumers? While I know
what I want, no standard package that I am aware of provides it. That
brings up the question of how to select an designer/installer as well as
what brands or technologies to use. Any ideas?

Thanks, Jim Divoky

Jim Divoky

Jan 1, 1970
I'm near Sevierville, TN. My preference is to study up before seeking a
contractor. Having been in the construction trades years ago, I know there
are people plying trades without any significant skills. I can install and
program a security system but that doesn't make me competent to do so.

What I want is everything:
Motion Detectors
Cameras on entrances with motion detectors
Door/window sensors
Smoke detectors
Outdoor siren
Remote Monitoring
Cellular backup
Battery backup
Real-time Internet connection for video storage
Internet accessible software monitoring & control
Telephonic access to control software
Thermostat control
Freeze alarm
Water detection
Temperature sensors

I used Xanboo at my storage facility and liked some of its features. When
the 400 ft long building burnt down last Thanksgiving, I was duly notified
via my cellphone that there was smoke detected. Unfortunately, the fire
apparently started in another unit. By the time I was notified, a wall of
fire was on the way through my unit. By the time the FD arrived the entire
building was fully involved. See This was my second
catastrophic fire in 2.5 years. In Feb., 2001, my house burned to the
ground. I had an unmonitored security system and the neighbor ignored the
fire siren going off. Not until a propane tank on a deck exploded did she
decide to call a neighbor and ask "What should I do?". So I'm a little
sensitive about fires. I expect to retrofit my newly purchased home with
automatic sprinklers if it is not too expensive. On the other hand, I no
longer own anything of significant value other then the house itself. Of
course, I would want the sprinkler system hooked into the security system.

Jim Divoky