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Wireless Digital Transmitter/Receiver for connecting two FPGA evaluation boards


Patrick Twomey

Jan 1, 1970
I am trying to connect two FPGA development boards together and am
wondering does anyone know of any products to suit. The boards in
question are two Celoxica RC100 development boards. Video in is from an
analog camera. The video data is converted to digital and stored on
SRAM. There is an expansion header for inter-connectivity. On the other
board video out to a monitor occurs after reading data from the SRAM on
this board. Have connected to two boards via a ribbon cable connected to
the expansion headers. Want to replace this cable with wireless or
optical transmission. Is there any development boards available for
this. The pixel clock is 10 MHz and there are at least 16 bits per pixel
(32 aftere error correction encoding). Access to a 80 MHz on board clock
is available. Any help would be much appreciated.