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Working of BJT & FET Transistors ?



Jan 1, 1970
is there any good website for learning fundamentals of trasistors,
mainly: dc biasing techniques, reading data sheets and choosing right
one for a given circuit etc.
where can i find transistor circuits for Electronics Workbench, is it
a good idea to learn basics by simulating the circuits, are these
simulations accurate, i mean, does simulated models for components
really behave similar as in real circuits ?

Roger Johansson

Jan 1, 1970
Dave said:

Great web page about transistors.

Copy from everywhere you find circuits.
Build up a library of standard circuits in EWB, add your own circuits to
the examples collection which comes with the program.

Yes, spice simulations are very accurate.
The only problem is how to enter a circuit correctly.

Using simulation like in EWB is a good way to learn about electronics.
You can burn components all day without really destroying anything :)