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WTB: Data I/O 29b with Unipak 2B and EPROM UV Eraser

Hello all,

I am looking to buy a Data I/O 29b with Unipak 2B kit, as well as an
EPROM UV eraser. If anyone has these for sale please let em know.




Mark (UK)

Jan 1, 1970

I've got a NICE one, fully shopped for sale:

Complete with everything you need (not the eraser tho!!):

Version 6 Firmware
1MB System memory
Unipak 2B with Revision 15.0 Firmware
351B086 28 pin Programming Cart
Serial cable for PC or terminal with 9 pin connector, and 25 pin adaptor
CD containing Promlink V6.1 software and extras

I'm in the UK, so shipping will be higher, but I'll go halves with you
on it if it helps.

You're unlikely to find one like that on eBay, especially with all the
ZIFs replaced.

Yours, Mark.