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WTB: Wiltron 6647 Manual or copies of just a few pages


Jim Adney

Jan 1, 1970
I'm trying to get a Wiltron 6647 10 Mhz to 18.6 GHz Swept Frequency
Generator fixed. I have a manual for a 6647A which has been a big
help, but I'm stuck at a point where the 6647 and the 6647A are

With the help of the 6647A manual I think I have everything working
except that I get burst mode even when i'm supposed to be doing CW.
The pulse mode gate circuitry shown in the 6647A manual is not even
present in the 6647. At least it's not on the same board, and there
are a LOT of boards in this unit.

I could use some help from someone who is familiar with this unit or
who just has access to a manual.

I will gladly buy a manual, but it's a big one and I probably only
need copies of a dozen pages to figure this out.

I'd really appreciate a response from anyone who has a Wiltron 6647
manual available to them. I promise to try to waste a minimum amount
of your time.