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X1 Charge Pro for Ni_MH Defective?


W. Wat son

Jan 1, 1970
Many months ago I bought an X1 (Xl?) battery charger with four Ni-MH
batteries. I put the batteries in (correctly), and plug the unit into a
wall plug with the rotatable two prongs (male). I wait about 10 hours, and
the batteries show no sign of life. Maybe I threw away some part of this.
It has a DC12 plut on the side. I don't recall getting any wall wart with
this. If that's the key, then what's the AC plug for?
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Mar 5, 2010
Mar 5, 2010
X1 Charge Pro problem and solution

The X1 Charge Pro has an LED at the bottom that shows orange for testing, red for charging, and green for charged. When first plugged in, the orange shows for a few seconds before turning to red.

Here is the problem: If both batteries in the unit are absolutely 100% discharged, the unit will get stuck in the orange state and never actually attempt to charge them. Unless you pay close attention, it is easy to mistake the orange for red.

The solution: Put one of the dead batteries in the charger along with a partially-charged or full battery. The unit will successfully enter charging mode and charge the batteries. Then do the same with the other dead battery.

I love my X1 Charge Pro because it is the ONLY charger I have seen that tells you when the charging cycle is complete, like auto battery chargers and power tool chargers. It was off the market for a while, but I just discovered it's available again.

There are several models of this charger. If yours has a jack on the side, I believe you have the model that offers optional charging from an automobile adapter.
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