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Xantrex DR2412 inverter/charger?

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Old & in the way....

Jan 1, 1970
I need to upgrade my system, especially the charging function. This Xantrex
model has the features I want, but how do they hold up under use? Any known
problems? Failures?


Old & in the way....

Jan 1, 1970
DJ said:
It's actually a pretty rugged rig, probably the most reputable of the
mod-square inverters. I've heard of alot of Magnums failing, but no
DRs. They have, unfortunately, of late discontinuted their UL rating
for cottage/residential applications, which means they'd fail an
inspection by an electrical inspector if your installation required it.
I'd say the other negative issue was the non-digital interface for
setting charging rate and whatnot.

Truly, though, if I were you, I'd try to roll enough pennies to get
yourself an OutBack FX instead. True sinewave power, and rugged as hell

One thing to bear in mind as well. Most folks that get a DR have also
scrimped on the rest of the system, and have installed a fuse rather
than a DC disconnect (legal for 12v systems, gray-area in 24s) and even
while in "off" (not search) mode, have a slight draw, which over the
winter, has been known to kill small battery banks.


Thanks for the information guys.

The DR's cost is about as high as I can go on this part of the system. Given
that my Tripp Lite now runs everything that I use (comp, TV, Sat Microwave)
and the DR would be even better and has a good rating here I will go ahead
and pull the trigger on this purchase. This application is only used a few
months a year so I can't justify spending more and UL or not is not a

A question: This disconnect that you talk about, is it something like the
old knife switch? Or is it automatic, relay based? What brand/kind should I
be looking at? Costs?

Thanks, brian