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XESS board XSV-300, help


a g

Jan 1, 1970

I have an XSV-300 board with me. I am using gxsload to upload the contents
of the ram on to my pc. Could any one tell me how the tool accesses the ram
banks (sequence)? My design fetches udp packets over ethernet and stores the
data into the ram. For testing, I send packets with ascii data in them. When
I tried sending 0s, the uploaded ram contents in the hex file were a series
of 3032s. Now the 30s, that's the ascii for what i'm storing. But I can't
figure out where the 32s are coming from. My initial guess was I'm writing
in right banks and may be left banks had 32s. But I tried writing to left
banks and had the same result. I tried changing the number that I send but
every time the number is followed by a 32.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.