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XGA card or Cards with Synced RAMDACS

For a project I need to do, I need a way to have two video cards with
exactly synced ramdacs, think of it as a VGA overlay, ideally I'd have
one channel ouputing video, and the other ouputing a single channel
mask. For a bio experiment I need to put shading on the edges of VGA
horizontal lines. So card one drives the X inputs of 3 analog
multipliers with RGB, card B drives the Y inputs with the masking
signal. Yes, the 2 ghz analog multiplier exists. No, I cannot do it in
software as I dont have access to the source code of the one program.

Anybody do this one before? Any idea of which cards could be hacked?

Either that, or anybody know of a low cost program that intercepts
open GL and edge blends it with a custom mask in the alpha channel?

The cheapest commercial intercept software solution is 9,000 USD.

Steve Roberts