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Yaw Sensor Required for Wheeled Odometry System


Aug 16, 2023
Aug 16, 2023
My company is upgrading the wheeled odometry system for our driving platform(the old one was inadequate, with massive errors - 10% or so in translation). One of the major components required is the sensor that gives us theta and omega in the XY plane. Our previous module used an ArduIMUV3, which has since been discontinued and also doesn't have excellent performance.

We have also tried out VN100 from VectorNav by borrowing it and that had superior results but isn't really financially feasible. (1500USD!)
We have read good reviews about BNO055, but have also read some opinions that state that it is a bit outdated.

Following are some characteristics of our drive if it can help(Apologies but these are all approximations, not absolute values)
  • Maximum Velocity = 6m/s
  • Maximum Acceleration = 9m/s2
  • Maximum Omega = 360degrees/second
  • Vibrations(Z Axis) = >50hz, 2mm amplitude
  • Max Runtime = 2-3 Mins per use

Expectations from Sensor
  • Minimal Drift during Runtime (< 1 degree)
  • Accurate and Precise Omega and Theta Readings (Within 0.1% if possible)
  • UART Compatible(It will communicate with an STM32F4, I2C will be second priority)
  • High Refresh Rate (Our Control Loop runs at 200hz, so 100hz might work out, will use a pll to get continuous readings if necessary)
  • Coprocessor preferable so it has internal filters(to take some load off of STM32)
  • Cost Effective (max 40USD)

Thanks a lot in advance!