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(Zenith), Wards, 1989 console model 17750, SVC # PL2511H152 will not power up.

This set has the Zenith split chassis, with a 9-874 and a 9-871 board.
When the power button is pressed the relay clicks and or sometimes
chatters a bit, it sounds like the HV tries to come on and then the set
seems to shut down. I found cold solder joints on the Hor. output
trasistor and also have seen bad relays in these so I pulled the relay,
burnished the contacts and put it back but the symptoms are the same. I
have no schematic for this set and I was wondering if there are any
known common problems wih thesethat afect startup? I don't think this
is the series with the bad CRT's that would blow up the regulators.
54something 01, I can't remember. Thanks for any assistance. Lenny
Stein, Barlen Electronics.
Look for capacitors in the power supply to be bad. Maybe
cx3407,3411,3410? Been too long since I've seen one of these.

Is this the power module that has the metal can shield in the power
supply? If so one of the capacitors inside the can is also bad.
I found a 100uf 25V cap near the regulator with an ESR of 29. That
seems to have done it. I seem to remember the "cap in a can" bit too
but this chassis did not have that arrangement. Picture looks really
good on this thing. Wouldn't mind having it in my living room. Thanks a
bunch. Lenny