Best way to do engine carbon cleaning just 15minutes.-okay energy CCS1500 hho engine carbon cleaning machine.

When Hho carbon cleaning machine power on,insert the gas pipe into car's brake boost vacuum pipe and set wireless voltage sensor for sending singal and then carbon cleaning.The whole hho carbon cleaning process just take 15-20 minutes( you can set carbon cleaning time according to the different cars,trucks,buses' engine liters).You dont need to discharge the engine,so it save time and cost.The machine designed with PLC computer control system with touch screen panel.It automatically remind the whole operation process so easy to operate.

After using OKAY hho gas car engine carbon cleaning machine,carbon build-up is completely cleaned away,engine efficiency is increased,power and performance are restored,life expectancy is improved and engine emissions are reduced. The accelerator becomes light, horsepower is increased.

How does CCS1500 hho carbon cleaner machine work on cars

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