Agile product management aligns the Product, Technical and Marketing teams towards building customer-centric products fa

Agile product management aligns the Product, Technical and Marketing teams towards building customer-centric products faster with a possibility to refine the product scope based on the market conditions.

Are you Agile or Fragile in Product Development?

Agile product management aligns the Product, Technical and Marketing teams towards building customer-centric products faster with a possibility to refine the product scope based on the market conditions.

Marketing teams demand more features (quickly) to sell the product in new markets or expand in the existing markets. Technical teams command more time (slower) to deliver the products with the required quality.

Product Managers (the investors) are caught in between these conflicting demands. Product Managers have a tough time in convincing the senior management in justifying the ROI on product development investments.

Agile Product Management can address these challenges gracefully and create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders. This method can also bring the potential beta users, who could be your paid customers after the project launch.

Are your Products meeting the needs of your customers? Are you able to achieve ROI on your Product development investments? Experts say 64% of the delivered features are rarely used.

We solved a number of problems similar to this for our clients with our Agile Product Management consulting expertise. We also helped our customers overcome the most common pitfalls in Product development and save up to 50% of investments upfront.

The common hurdles to overcome and balance are:

Getting Ideas/Innovations Flow

Streamlining the Bubbling Energy

Balancing Passion and Profits

Apply proven Agile frameworks like Scrum/XP for dynamic product development life cycle (from inception to product launch). Agile Product management framework encourages pragmatic product development based on customer needs and market demand. Product managers can deliver the minimum viable product (MVP) even in situations with small budgets.

Applying Agile Product Management framework we helped several clients achieve:

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduce / Minimize rework

Meeting Project timelines

Enhanced Utilization of Service/Product

Improved ROI

Implement Cost-Effective Solutions

Minimize Time-to-Market

Fail Fast

Accommodate rapid changes

Improved involvement of Customer

Transparency and Visibility to all Stakeholders

If you would like your organization to avoid the pitfalls, innovate and create MVPs faster, improve the ROI and reduce the TCO on the Product Development, please free to contact us for a free assessment.

This article was written by Bala Guntipalli, Sr. VP of Technology & Operations at TechVelocity Partners, global technology services company offering cost-effective, independent IT consulting services focused on digital transformation and other game-changing technology strategies.


Executives almost immediately ask about cost of such best practices. A thorough and well implemented  Agile Product Engineering plan don’t need to be exorbitantly priced.

Can you find consultants who combine excellent work at a reasonable cost? It’s not easy to find cybersecurity/business technology consultants with the needed industry expertise who can also easily prove the ROI. Instead of a typical consultant model with “ideas” only and no “implementation”, they are the ones who work relentlessly to solve the problems with passion rather than a desire for a quick contract.

My IT and business advisory processes have been honed over the past two decades across the globe in a variety of small, medium and large enterprises and assisted in expert decision making around “partner,” “buy” or “build” decisions to enable business strategies. I served in leadership capacities at a range of companies including, Cox Group, CUNA, IBM Corporation, Corcoran Real Estate, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Global Healthcare Rehabilitation and more and responsible for strategy, innovation, corporate growth, operations, P&L, and product management.

As a management consultant, I am supported by 2 proven global IT sourcing companies (610 +employees) to achieve quantifiable results, and lessen the risk of working with unknown or newly hired vendors.

I am a unique business-minded IT professional...and a technology-minded business strategist, who advances projects and initiatives with an out of the box approach…

I have observed that some departments view their role as supporting the objectives of a cost center (overhead.)

I focus on:

1) Acquiring/developing cost-effective, business-appropriate technology, and

2) Using IT as a means to attract, keep, engage employees and customers... while generating sales, increasing profitability and satisfied customers guided by the "Rotary 4-way test."

Are you prepared to accelerate the business success by transforming into an omnichannel digital enterprise, for a better long-term marketplace position?

 Are you confident that your IT advisors are helping you exceed your business goals?

 Are you satisfied in the way your company calculates ROIT (return on IT spend)?

 Are you sure when a new product or service is developed, the TCO (Total cost of ownership) is reduced, and the ROIT is improved?

I help companies answer those questions and achieve their goals.

I have accreditations from Harvard University (Cybersecurity: Managing Organization's Critical Business Systems, Networks, Data and Risk In The IT Age), The Indian Institute of Technology (1 Year course in IT),  an MBA from Madurai University, India, Mini MBA in Healthcare from University of St. Thomas, MN. I am a recognized public speaker, an author on Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity. I’m an experienced past board member for 3 for-profit US companies and non-profit. 1) ArtSpace International, owned 25 Art galleries in GA; 2) Global Rehabilitation, a healthcare company in MN; 3) - most mgmnt consultants are Ph.D.’s in their specialty; Non-profit – RisingStar Outreach, and serving as a President at Plymouth Rotary.

Bala Guntipalli, Sr. VP - Technology and Operations;; 612 322 2470;

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