American Dream is used referring to immigrants – people, who decide to move to a different country

The notion of American Dream is known in most countries of the world. In the largest of its meanings it is related first of all to the freedom of each individual, either citizen or resident of the country essay helper free; this freedom is supposed to allow people set their own life goals and have the freedom of choice, how to achieve them. Very often this phrase meant also good perspectives of younger generations of American people, i.e. grow up in good life conditions, get good education and bright career perspectives afterwards. Certainly American Dream makes null and void all race, religion, caste and so on restrictions, giving the equal possibilities to all people.

There are numerous modifications and additions to this general explanation, for example sometimes American Dream is used referring to immigrants – people, who decide to move to a different country in order to achieve better life level and financial success, which they were not able to reach in their native lands. For many decades America has been considered to be a country, in which everybody has the chance, corresponding to his talents and ambitions and efforts, irrespective of the position of their family in society and wealth.

Historically the notion and understanding of American Dream was also changed several times. Thus for example during the times after Great Depression, it became too much associated with wealth. During drugs and alcohol prohibition times, there were businessmen, who managed to make a lot of “quick” money by selling the banned products. Certainly this interpretation of American Dream is rather a distortion of it, because pure financial interests can not be considered as the only life goals in any country and for any individual.

Overall, the notion of American Dream is rather well known and although having differing interpretations, has the general meaning of individual’s freedom and freedom of choice.

James Barrow