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        Bala Guntipalli - Digitalization Management Consultant

  Team Builder. Engage. Execute. Customer-Focused. Profitability.

Linkedin.com/in/bala-guntipalli-mba/; 612 322 2470; [email protected]; BalaGuntipalli.com

  • Are you confident that your IT advisors are helping you exceed your business goals?
  • Are you satisfied in the way your company calculates ROIT (return on IT spend)?
  • Are you sure when a new product or service is developed, the TCO (Total cost of ownership) is reduced, and the ROIT is improved?
  • Are you prepared to accelerate the business success by transforming into an omnichannel digital enterprise, for a better long-term marketplace position?

I help companies answer those questions and achieve their goals. I have accreditations from Harvard University (Cybersecurity: Managing Organization's Critical Business Systems, Networks, Data and Risk In The IT Age), The Indian Institute of Technology (1 Year course in IT),  an MBA from Madurai University, India, Mini MBA in Healthcare from University of St. Thomas, MN. I am a recognized public speaker, an author on Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity. I’m an experienced past board member for 3 for-profit US companies and non-profit. 1) ArtSpace International, owned 25 Art galleries in GA; 2) Global Rehabilitation, a healthcare company in MN; 3) EdTrainU.com - most mgmnt consultants are Ph.D.’s in their specialty; Non-profit – RisingStar Outreach, and serving as a President at Plymouth Rotary.

My IT and business advisory processes have been honed over the past two decades across the globe in a variety of small, medium and large enterprises and assisted in expert decision making around “partner,” “buy” or “build” decisions to enable business strategies. I served in leadership capacitie  s at a range of companies including TechVelocityPartners.com, Cox Group, CUNA, IBM Corporation, Corcoran Real Estate, BCBS, Global Healthcare Rehabilitation and more and responsible for strategy, innovation, corporate growth, operations, P&L, and product management.

As a management consultant, I am supported by 2 proven global IT sourcing companies (610 +employees) to achieve quantifiable results, and lessen the risk of working with unknown or newly hired vendors.

I am a unique business-minded IT professional...and a technology-minded business strategist who advances projects and initiatives with an out of the box approach… I have observed that some departments view their role as supporting the objectives of a cost center (overhead.)

I focus on: 

1) Acquiring/developing cost-effective, business-appropriate technology, and

2) Using IT as a means to attract, keep, engage employees and customers... while generating sales, increasing profitability and satisfied customers guided by the "Rotary 4-way test."

Achievements:  P & L responsibility for TechVelocityPartners.com. Plus delivered three IT products with time and revenue savings of 7 weeks and 18%. Designed and developed products and services, and aided in creating new revenue channels that generated over 20 % of the annual revenues.

  1. As part of the rebranding and growth strategy at TVP, developed materials to approach corporate growth and marketing agencies. Interviewed, negotiated and selected the agency. Responsible for executing several projects, delivering multiple portals, printed corporate materials, and implemented omnichannel customer engagement channels and platforms aligned with the corporate strategy.
  2. Healthcare client: Designed C-suite business dashboards, analysis to improve operations in 6 clinics.
  3. Independent Software Vendor (ISV) serving the State Departments of Corrections across the USA. Helped in the development of software related to case plans, assessment, and collaboration.
  4. GIS data Management client in Public Safety industry: Led negotiations with potential partners. Devised an alternate plan for managing resources from a local MN university. Debugged high severity problems on production servers that had existed for over 6 months. Provided root-cause analysis and architectural recommendations for prevention in less than 4 weeks.
  5. Set up offshore teams and offices for multiple clients resulting in shortened Product Development Life-Cycle, 30 to 40% cost savings and improved communication between teams. Located and interviewed the offshore partners to reduce cycle and delivery time. Facilitated C-level strategic planning and discussions between the client and partners. Five engagements (on-demand staff augmentation and projects outsourcing) closed with successful outcomes for both sides.
  6. B2B e-commerce client: Provided input during strategy sessions. Assisted in preparing materials for attracting investors from Europe. Prepared case studies to launch new revenue-generating channels.
  7. EdTrainU, MN: Assisted in developing an 18-month strategy; activities related to website and business launch. Fine-tuned sales, marketing offerings, client intake process, procurement and contract lifecycle review, board development and outsourcing specific programs aligned with the business plan. All this resulted in the successful launch of the business and the multiple portals.
  8. Media Conglomerate: 120+ Print, Radio and TV channels reaching 50M+ Americans weekly. Reduced regression testing from 10+ hours, with 6 to 8 team members, to under one hour by cutting-edge automation efforts. Savings over $5M/yr. by reducing manual errors and catching issues early in the cycle, thus avoiding critical production outages.
  9. OpenGates (AirBnB concept-connecting outdoor adventurists with landowners) and Oil Exploration Company (OEC): Led Strategy and Requirements analysis. Developed initial POC for the OEC portal that integrated software and hardware to design a tracking and alarm device that saves lives.

Below are (partial) lists of completed projects, industries served and relevant certifications:

Digital Transformation Projects:

  • Agile Product Engineering
  • Business Process Automation
  • Corporate Growth Portals
  • Efficient Vendor Management; ERP
  • Social Media Strategies; Automation
  • Quality Assurance;    Cybersecurity
  • Risk Governance / IT Compliance
  • Business Continuity Management


  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate
  • High Tech

Relevant Certifications:

  • Security Assessment & Testing
  • IT Governance and Management
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Microsoft Corporation:
  • MS Certified Solution Developer–MCSD

IBM Corporation:

  • Principal Certified Professional
  • Certified Product Specialist
  • IBM Domino Server Administrator

Linkedin.com/in/bala-guntipalli-mba/; 612 322 2470; [email protected]; BalaGuntipalli.com