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Choose JLCPCB For Your Next PCB Project

July 28, 2022 by CIRCUITS DIY

In this article, we are going to discuss Choose JLCPCB For Your Next PCB Project


PCB designing has become quintessential in the electronics industry and is a technology applied in almost every field; From personal computing systems to military equipment. PCB designing is an intricate and complex process that requires careful deliberation and precise measurements. From ensuring that the design gets ready without any errors and that the printing process goes without a hitch to local sourcing of PCB components. All these issues with the PCB design process may dishearten a beginner. Luckily, a lot of PCB design services exist in today's market which can help you with issues regarding PCB design and manufacturing. Out of all these, one name in the current PCB fabrication market stands out & that is JLCPCB. JLCPCB is the top PCB prototyping and fabrication company that caters to all your PCB design needs. In today's guide, we'll see why you should Choose JLCPCB premier services For Your Next PCB Project.

What is JLCPCB?

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JLCPCB is a worldwide leading PCB prototype enterprise and a high-tech manufacturer specializing in quick PCB prototype and small-batch PCB production. With over 14 years of experience in PCB manufacturing, JLCPCB has more than 800,000 customers. JLCPCB is a professional PCB manufacturer featuring a large production scale, great manufacturing & production facilities, and superior PCB quality. 

Top Reasons To Choose JLCPCB Premier PCB Services For Your Next PCB Project

1) Budget-Friendly Prices: JLCPCB offers premier design services at a very economical price point. They have a team of professional staff with over 10 years of experience that know how to retain their clients. They help you to choose the ideal PCB board that aligns with the needs of your project. While conforming with the restraints of your budget. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF HOW MUCH YOU SPEND!!

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2) AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

JLCPCB design service conforms to a strict quality control protocol, in order to make sure that all design needs of its clients are taken care of. Every board ordered from JLCPCB goes through a thorough AOI inspection. This makes sure that each and every pad and trace on the PCB has a secure connection and is in perfect alignment with one another. In addition to this, a flying probe test is also applied on every PCB board with two or more layers. As single layer PCBs don't require this test.


3) Swift Delivery Time

JLCPCB ensures quick delivery of your PCB boards. However, delivery times may differ for different boards, depending on the magnitude and complexity of the PCB board. Also, all prices and updated delivery schedules are available on their website & you can put in your first order today for as low as 2$ for a 4-layer PCB.


4) World Class Pre/Post Sales Customer Support

Another amazing advantage of using JLCPCB is its top-notch customer service. If the details of a project do not conform to your need or if the final product isn't up to your standards. You can immediately reach them and request a full revision in a matter of minutes. Also, if a faulty PCB board is delivered to you, you'll get a full refund without any questions within a day.

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JLCPCB is the foremost PCB prototype & manufacturing company in china, providing us with the best service we have ever experienced regarding (Quality, Price Service & Time).

5) Availability of Online Web Community & Forums

JLCPCB prides itself on total transparency. If you have any questions or queries regarding your projects. You can ask them on their online web forum without any charge. The forum is their online community of billions of like-minded people. They take an active part in discussions and also give valuable feedback on your design issues. In addition to this, their design team is also very active on the forum, and makes sure that you don't feel left out.

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6) Best Choice for Designing boards To Run On High Thermals

JLCPCB is the best choice when it comes to designing boards to be used in high power switching applications such as PSUs, High power relay boards & stabilizers, etc. JLCPCB always takes into account the client's needs and designs boards with thick traces that are ideal for use in high temperature and pressure conditions.

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7) Always Keeps You In The Loop

Another major advantage of using JLCPCB is that they always keep the client in the loop regarding his design order. You can easily contact them and gain info regarding the position of your order at any given time. Also, they provide you with a complete BoM before they put your design into production. So, you can easily request any modification in the final design before the order is put into production.

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In conclusion, as per the above reasons you should Choose JLCPCB For Your Next PCB Design Project.

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