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Voice-Controlled Melody Lamp-JLCPCB

July 20, 2020 by Catherine Sui

Tell you how to make an easy voice-controlled melody lamp



The sound controlled melody lamp is powered by CR2032 battery

Open source: GPL 3.0

Materia List:

1 PCB by JLCPCB Use promotional code "JLCath" to get extra coupons

2 Components by LCSC

Step 1: Function Description

The voice-controlled melody lamp is composed of two common transistor amplifiers and 5 LED lamps

It can convert the external sound into electrical signal through microphone microphone, so that the LED light changes with the external sound The LED can flash with the rhythm in the music environment, which is very dynamic.

Step 2: Design Features

1 With small volume, the size of PCB board is only 3 ×4 (cm);

2 All straight insert device, increase welding plate, convenient welding;

3 CR2032 battery powered, easy to carry.

Step 3: Design Files


It is a very easy DIY project, can be used to kill time, anything you need to modified ,can be easily made in Easyeda and get manufactured in JLCPCB, The total cost will not over $1 for each pcs.

BOM list also enclosed for reference.

PCB files


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