A potato companion to ask all your questions!


Below a quick overview of the content.

  • Introduction and showcase video
  • Body, holes and wires
  • Up and running
  • Result

Introduction & showcase video

To give the AIY kit a bit more spunk, we're going to give it a body. Making it a companion for you to carry around and ask all your questions!

Body, holes and wires

As a body we're going to use the Mr. Potato Head toy I found laying around the house. You can use just about anything, as long as you can fit the components of the AIY kit inside. A list of all the exact components of the AIY kit can be found here.

To make sure all the electronics are kept in place, we're going to drill some holes to hold the components up using paper fasteners.

Don't forget to lengthen the wires, so you can put the electronics where you want them to go, as the original wires can be on the shorter side.


Once the holes are drilled and the wires are the right length, we can put in the electronics. I used paper fasteners, as it's a quick and easy solution, but this of course depends on the body of your companion.


Cutting a hole in the head and screwing in the button finishes the building part of this potato project.

Up and running

To get our assistant to work we just have to add a power source, either a power bank or an outlet. The final step is running the code described here.


And there we go, a potato assistant!

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