A super awesome backpack for space exploration!

As part of the AIY challenge, I made a rocket backpack for space exploration.

To make the AIY usable in outer-space, I thought it would be cool to attach the button and the microphone to the straps of this rocket backpack.

The first step was modeling and 3D printing thingies to hold them in place, and spray-painting them silver for extra space points.

To connect everything, the wires to the microphone and to button were lengthened. On top of this, I ran them through plastic tubing for safety, coolness and style.

Two small holes were needed in the top of the backpack, so the wires could reach the Raspberry Pi. I tried sewing buttonholes instead, but it didn't work on the fabric...

The Raspberry Pi running everything was placed in the inside pocket of the backpack.

The speaker was loosely sewed to the top of the backpack, so it's facing up and towards the person wearing the backpack. It's hard to hear the AIY in the video, but it's more than loud enough in person.

To make everything portable, the AIY Rocket Backpack was powered with a powerbank.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some space exploring to do!

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