An IoT Hamsterwheel made using a Raspberry Pi and a magnetic door sensor, to see how far my hamster runs.

The final project is an IoT hamster wheel made with a Raspberry Pi, that tracks my hamster's runs in his wheel.

Full project video below:

I used a magnetic door sensor to track the turning of the hamster wheel, not only because it's very easy, but it also wouldn't hurt or kill my hamster.

A first working test version, attached to an old hamster wheel.

All attached to the real hamster wheel in Harold's cage, ready for a test run!

Harold testing his IoT wheel, he seems to like it :)

A lasercut box in progress, to hide all the wires and hold the LCD screen.

A summary of all the data collected so far. As you can see, it's not always very accurate, the sensor got stuck a number of times, creating records of +40km a day, but overall it's pretty neat!

Bonus picture of Harold being cute!

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