Ongoing work on Raspberry Pi Pico simulator or Raspberry Pi Pico emulator in the making. You can contribute too.


A series of live streams where Uri Shaked will be coding a Pi PICO simulator from scratch. Expect deep-dives into the datasheet, head-scratching and code-staring, a lot of frustration, and maybe a blinking LED at the end.

You'll get to see the process for building MCU simulation, drawn from previous experience working on AVR8js, an open-source AVR8 simulator written in JavaScript. Find the previous episodes in the project logs below.

Link to the next stream:

We'll go live Tuesday, April 20, 2pm EST time (11am PST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET)

Important links:

The RP2040 datasheet, where we'll find all the specific details about the MCU core and peripherals

ARM® v6-M Architecture Reference Manual. It'll be our main reference for implementing the emulator!

Pico Getting Started guide. Check out Chapter 2 for setting up the built environment. We'll use it extensively while working on the emulator.

Success! with Raspberry Pi Pico Emulator

This week we managed to get a Pi Pico program to run start to end in our emulator!

The happy moment happened just as the stream was about to conclude, about 2:29 hours into the stream. You can watch the full recording here:

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