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Programs That Make Writing Easier

November 13, 2018 by Karen Berns

Writing is evolving along with technology

People are accustomed to believing that writers use only their imagination, notebook and Word. But in reality everything is not so.

Programs For Writer

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Writing an article, a diploma or a book requires not only knowledge, skills and concepts. Tools that you use are equally important. Fortunately, on the web you will find various programs for writers that will help in this difficult profession. Below you will find a list of interesting proposals.


If you want to write fast and well, then you have to learn how to record. In the end, everything starts with collecting materials. Evernote is an extremely popular program that will allow you to store notes and ideas in an organized manner.

The program facilitates ripping content from the Internet, and allows you to share notes with others. Evernote works in the cloud, so you can access the notes in any situation. Storing links will also help you with programs such as Zotero , Mendeley and Docear .

Organizing content

If you have already collected notes, it is time to get organized for the thoughts and content of the future text. An ordinary text editor will not help you. That is why you need something extra. The best way to organize content is to create mind maps that will help you navigate in different threads and present them in a clear way.

What to use for this purpose? With free applications, it is worth paying attention to FreeMind and XMind, which offer a set of basic functions. You can also use the online Coggle application.


Since your thoughts are already sorted, it's time to take a look at writing programs which i often use at online essay writing . You need a good word processor. LibreOffice performs well with free solutions. If you want to pay, Microsoft Office remains the undisputed leader - preferably in the newest version. Both applications offer a wide range of useful functions when writing.

WriteMonkey is also noteworthy . It is an application for those who want to avoid distractions during writing. It displays only a gray sheet of paper where the text you write appears. However, just press the right mouse button and a bar of various functions will appear on the screen.

Faster and more effective work

Available writing programs allow you to significantly speed up the work and make the whole process more enjoyable. Of course, before you feel these benefits you will need some time to become familiar with the interfaces and all functions. However, if you write a lot or your project is demanding, it is worth investing time to learn it.

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