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Are you a Maker who is passionate about the maker space? Do you find yourself yearning to be a part of a larger community, showing your chops and teaching what you know? Do you have experience prototyping and manufacturing a great idea? Join the Maker Pro writing team!

Maker Pro strives to write tutorials for electronics makers at every stage of your projects — from getting familiar with your first board, to designing a robot complete with custom 3D printed parts, or even turning successful projects into a marketable product.

Why Write for Maker Pro?

A Growing Community: Maker Pro receives over 330K visits per month and our registered users are growing daily. Many of our registrants list themselves at a beginner level, so they’re hungry for your knowledge!

The Writing Chops: Hone and develop your writing and technical skills in a community of like-minded makers with the help of our experienced and friendly editorial team.

Payment: Maker Pro pays competitive rates on a weekly basis for every article that reaches the “ready for publication” stage.

Here’s what our writers have to say!

When I got asked to write articles for a few months ago, I was not sure what to expect and how this experience would turn out. But since then I’ve had a good time writing and I couldn't be any happier. The friendly and accommodating editorial team supports me and enables me to create the type of content that I always wanted to produce. Writing these articles definitely helped me to grow and I hope we'll have a long-lasting work relationship.
Daniel Herczeg, Writer
Writing for Maker Pro has been both fun and educational. It's a great platform to share my love of electronics while learning about the newest prototyping tech.
Eduardo Pecina Jr., Writer

If you have a passion for electronics and for teaching others, reach out to us with a short bio and some writing samples — let’s get started!
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