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Python - Top 6 Real Time Applications

July 18, 2018 by sandeep Reddy

In this article, we have to discuss the significant python real-time applications of present scenarios.

Python programming language is natural to learn, by using the python we can reduce the programming maintenance. It becomes more popular with precise syntax and readability. It is an open source language supports different operating systems like Dos, Linux, Unix, and favorite Windows operating systems.

Python is a high-level programming language with dynamic semantics, and also it is object-oriented and interpreted programming language. Python programming language is natural to learn, by using the python we can reduce the programming maintenance. It becomes more popular with precise syntax and readability. It is an open source language supports different operating systems like Das, Linux, Unix, and favorite Windows operating systems.

Python provides increased productivity by this feature many of programmers fall in love with the Python programming language. The debugging of a python program is very easy, and life cycle of edit-test-debug is simple and incredibly fast. It doesn't rise a segmentation error while any bug or ticket rise in debugging. Python programming language has a unique feature those are

  • Open source
  • Object-oriented
  • Portable
  • Interpreted
  • GUI Programming
  • Dynamical typing
  • Large standard library
  • Expressive
  • Embedded
  • Extensible etc.,

Python works on cross-platform operating systems. With the broad range features of python we can use in different real-time applications like voice/text processing, web, image processing and it also useful in the enterprise level by using numeric, scientific and data from the network. Youtube, Dropbox, Cinema 4D, Bit Torrents these are the few global applications based on python.

Real-world Applications of Python

1.Internet and web development

2.Gui based desktop application

3.Business and Enterprise applications

4.Python in Education

5.Operating system

6.Language development

1.Internet and web development

You can easily develop a web application with python programming language. Python supports libraries of the internet like XML, HTML, email processing, FTP, IMAP and it also have frameworks of gamut like a pyramid, Django and it has micro-frameworks like bottle and flask, etc. With the python, we can also write CGI scripts, and these are easy to use socket interface. The libraries are

Paramiko - For SSH2 protocol

BeautifulSoup - HTML parser

Twisted python - For asynchronous network programming

Request - HTTP client library, etc.

2.GUI based desktop application

Most of the developers are choosing the python language for developing the desktop applications because of its simple syntax, rich text processing tools, modular architecture and supports multiple operating systems. Python developers create high functional graphical user interference with the help of tools like wxPython, PyGtk. We can discuss some of Gui applications.

Numerical and Scientific Applications

Python supports all scientific libraries of standard and third-party open source libraries. 3D modeling software and finite element method software are coded with python some of those are FreeCAD and Abaqus etc. The engineering and scientific tools are




Along with this software, carpentry course is used for engineering and scientific applications. It teaches briefly of running boot camps and scientific computing. NumPy is also dealing with numerical calculations.

Graphic design and image processing applications

Most of the 2D imaging applications are developed by python programming language such as GIMP, Paint shop pro, Scribus and python also used in 3D animations like Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, and Maya, etc. It also supports for developing game applications.

3.Business and Enterprise applications

With the features of scalability, easily readable syntax and extensibility, developers prefer python programming language for customizing the large applications. For example, Reddit which was initially written in Common Lips later in 2005 it was rewritten in Python.

4.Python in Education

In education, the Python programming language has a vast scope to teach in schools colleges, and you can learn on your own. With its simplicity, brevity, python is a great introductory language.

5.Operating system

Python is an integral part of the Linux operating system. Fedora’s, Red hat enterprise Anaconda installer and Ubuntu ubiquity installer are written in Python programming language.

6.Language development

A large number of numerous languages are developed by the influence of Python's design, and it’s module architecture those languages are Boo language, Cobra, OCaml, etc. The object model, syntax, and identification of Boo language are similar to the Pythons programming language, and syntax of other languages (Apple’s Shift, CoffeeScript) looks identical to Python's.

The above discussed are some of the significant applications of python. Apart from this python is useful in the following forms.

Enterprise applications

3D CAD applications

Machine learning


Data Science

Artificial intelligence and etc.

End notes

Most of the application developer prefer python scripting language for developing several applications because of its easy usage of code, easier debugging and maintenance can be handled in a better way. Python has more flexibility we can integrate easily with other systems and python is an original programming language used for developing several applications.

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sandeep Reddy

Sandeep Reddy, Science graduate and been into technical content contribution for Mindmajix from past one year. 

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