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CR2016 vs CR2032: Differences between them

May 20, 2024 by Archibald bruce

What is CR2016? CR2016 refers to a lithium coin cell battery. As an indicator of the battery's chemical makeup, the "CR" stands for lithium manganese dioxide. The outer two numerals, "16," indicate the battery's thickness in tenths of a millimeter, and the initial two digits, "20," indicate the battery's diameter in millimeters.

What Are CR2016 Batteries Used For?

CR2016 batteries are commonly used in:

Small Electronics: CR2016 batteries are frequently found in gadgets like pedometers and compact digital devices because of their thin profile.

Watches: CR2016 batteries are appropriate for usage in wristwatches due to their thin construction.

Calculators: Due to their extended shelf life and dependability, CR2016 batteries are used in many calculators.

Key Fobs: Due to their small size, car key fobs frequently run on these batteries.

Fitness Appliances: CR2016 batteries are frequently needed for small fitness devices like heart rate monitors.

Remote Controls: CR2016 batteries are used in smaller remote controls for gadgets like automobile alarms.

What is CR2032?

Similarly, CR2032 designates another lithium coin cell battery. Using the same naming convention, "CR" stands for chemical composition, "20" for millimeter diameter, and "32" for thickness of 3.2 mm. Consequently, a CR2032 battery has a 20 mm diameter and a 3.2 mm thickness. This naming standard, which ensures industry conformity, will make it easier for customers to identify the proper battery for their needs.

What Are CR2032 Batteries Used For?

CR2032 batteries are often found in:

Computer Motherboards: These provide power to the CMOS chip, which is used to store BIOS settings.

Key Fobs: They are appropriate for more demanding key fobs due to their higher capacity.

Fitness Appliances: Applied to wearable technology that needs additional power, such as fitness trackers.

Remote Controls: Common remote controls are those for automobile alarms, garage doors, and other appliances.

Calculators: Applied to calculators that need longer-lasting batteries.

Watches: Best suited for timepieces with bigger battery cells.

CR2016 vs CR2032

Their thickness is the main distinction; the CR2032 is precisely twice as thick as the CR2016. Their usefulness and capacity for different devices are directly impacted by their size differences. A gadget that needs a longer battery life, for instance, might be made to accept a CR2032, while a thin battery container might only fit a CR2016.

Although the voltage of 3 volts is the same for both batteries, the CR2032 has a higher capacity because of its larger size, which enables it to power devices for longer. This makes the CR2032 perfect for gadgets like computer motherboards and medical equipment that need to use more energy continuously.

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