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July 31, 2022 by Simran Khuntia

In this tutorial article, we will be going through the steps of how to design a 3D lock in SelfCAD

In this tutorial article, we are 3D designing a lock in 3D modeling software. We will use captivating tools like move, 3D shapes, extrusion, and fillet to 3d design this lock. 3D modeling is utilised to make 3D models that can either be utilised in prototyping, representations, sensible renders and numerous others. By simply figuring out how to make a 3D lock, you will likewise get to know how to utilise the different tools of SelfCAD.

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So we should get everything rolling!

Step1: Insert a cylinder and select one of its circular faces

First of all, go to the 3D shapes and insert a cylinder to the working interface. Set top radius to 10, bottom radius to 10, height to 10, vertical segments to 32 and rotation z to 90. Then opt for polygon selection and select one of the circular faces of the cylinder.

Screenshot (4052).png
Screenshot (4053).png

Step2: Extrude the face, set operation and create copies

Next, go to modify and select the extrusion tool. Set the amount to 10. Then click on the add option in the macro step. Set operation to rotate, y to -5 and amount of copies to 12.

Screenshot (4054).png
Screenshot (4055).png

Step3: Extrude the face and insert a cube

Now, extrude the selected face to an amount of 50. Then insert a cube and set its height to 40, depth to 120, position x to 50 and position z to 40.

Screenshot (4056).png
Screenshot (4057).png

Step4: Fillet the edges

Next, we will opt for edge selection and select the longer edges of both the rear sided faces. Then select the fillet tool and set level to 5. After that, select mesh_4 and deselect mesh_8.

Screenshot (4058).png
Screenshot (4059).png

Step5: Move the handle and insert another cylinder

Now, go to the move tool and set y to 10 and z to 38.98. Then insert another cylinder and set its top radius to 20, bottom radius to 20, height to 30, vertical segments to 32, position x to 75, position y to 12, position z to 39.

Screenshot (4060).png
Screenshot (4061).png

Step6: Subtract the cylinders from the cube keeping the cylinder intact

Next, we will select mesh_8 and mesh_4 and go to stitch and scoop. Then from the tool panel we will choose the difference option and subtract mesh_4 and mesh_12 and click on the keep subtracted objects.

Screenshot (4062).png

Step7: Insert another cube and subtract it from the cylinder

Now, insert another cube and set its width to 20, height to 10, depth to 5, position x to 75, position y to 32 and position z to 39. Then select mesh_12 and difference it with keeping mesh_16 to subtract.

Screenshot (4063).png
Screenshot (4064).png

Conclusion: Therefore, we have created a 3D lock using seven simple steps in SelfCAD

Screenshot (4065).png

We have 3D designed a basic 3D lock utilising the different tools of SelfCAD. You can make various designs of such amazing relics using SelfCAD by following the above basic advances. After you are finished with 3D designing the model, you can likewise utilise the in-constructed slicer of SelfCAD to make it 3D printable by creating the G-Code that you can ship off your 3D printer.

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