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DIY Powerful Bass Amplifier with LA4440 IC

July 15, 2020 by Utsource Parts

DIY Powerful Bass Amplifier with LA4440 IC price and application 

In this article we are going to explore the power bass amplifier using the Integrated Circuit LA4440. This IC is a very popular dual channel operational audio amplifier which is used for the applications of power audio amplifications. It is well known because of its reliability, convenient, compatible design, easy to use and PCB friendly availability. Use in home theatres, car amplifier system, home automation, and other various power amplification applications which is operable at 12V.


The Integrated Circuit LA4440 shows good electrical and thermal properties for the specifications and functional operations of the amplification circuit. The powerful bass amplifier using this IC results in the best quality and clarity sound with proper signal frequency and minimum attenuation. So let’s get in deeper to understand its functional working operations.


The function of this amplifier is also same as other power amplifiers, the Integrated Circuit receiver the input signal from the source and modulates its signal generating audio frequency with best clarity modulation. The variation in input and output signals can varies depending upon the input signal given to the IC by the user.

Components required:

UTSource LA4440 IC price link

100k Ohm Resistor

680 Ohm Resistor

2k Ohm Resistor

1k Ohm Resistor

Heat sink (optional)

50k Potentiometer (2)

100nF capacitors (2)

75 watt Speaker

(3) 100uF/25v Capacitors

Capacitor 47uF/50v (2)

Connecting wires 

Step Procedure:

Part Number Alternative/Replacement/Substitute/Complimentary:

If you are unable to find the IC LA4440 then you can also use the replacement of the IC showings same properties.

TDA2009A, LM3550SP

Part Number Equivalent of LA4440: TDA2009A


The Integrated Circuit LA4440 is used in wide range of applications including home theatres, cars automatic and variety of other application, The bass created with this IC is so powerful and gives you magnificent effect experience.


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