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TPA3001D1 Power Amplifier

November 26, 2021 by Dilshan Jayakody

This is a highly efficient, medium-power audio amplifier project designed as an alternative to the TDA2030 amplifier.


Recently we looked for a replacement class-D power amplifier to replace my old TDA2030 power amplifier build. While searching for a suitable power amplifier IC, we found TPA3001D1 from the local market. This IC is a slightly older 20W Class-D power amplifier manufactured by Texas Instruments. At the time of this writing, it is priced at LKR 180 (0.89 USD) in the local market and is still available at all major electronics stores (including online stores).


To minimize assembling difficulties, we used through-hole-type components in this PCB. The only SMD component in this PCB is the TPA3001D1 IC. We installed the power amplifier IC on the bottom of the PCB because then it would receive good airflow.

The dimension of the PCB is 45.71mm × 67.59mm and designed on a double-sided board. To build this PCB, we recommended the Seeed Fusion PCB fabrication service.

After assembly, we test this amplifier using a 12V power supply. As we have observed, this amplifier starts working from 7V without any distortion. We operated this amplifier at 75% volume continuously for one hour, where we did not notice any significant temperature change in the IC.


The Seeed Studio sponsor for this project. Seeed Fusion Service offers one-stop prototyping services for PCB manufacture, PCB assembly, and as a result, they produce superior quality PCBs and fast turnkey PCBA from 7 working days. Check out their website to know about their manufacturing capabilities and pricing.

The schematic and KiCAD PCB design files of this amplifier are available to download here.

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