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Mini Weather Station using ATtiny85 and DHT22

November 04, 2022 by CIRCUITS DIY

In this Tutorial, We are Going To Make an Mini Weather Station using ATtiny85 and DHT22


Weather matters to all of us; good weather changes our moods, mind, and feelings. However, sometimes unexpected weather ruins our plan. It’s either a trip with our friends or a party with relatives if the weather is not better; it can spoil everything. And, therefore it is necessary to predict the weather, but for this, we need weather stations. So, here in this article, we will discuss How to make Weather Station using Attiny85 & SSD1306 OLED.

The weather station is basically the device used for weather observation and data collection. First and foremost, it gathers the most crucial information: temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and so on. Here we are making a basic weather station with a DHT22. PCBWay sponsors this Project. They have an open-source community, people can share their design projects with each other. Moreover, every time people place an order for your board, PCBWay will donate 10% of the cost of PCB to you, for your contribution to the Open Source Community.

Hardware Components

Mini Weather Station Circuit

Working Explanation

The working of this mini weather station is a simple DHT22 sensor sending data to the ATtiny85 microcontroller at D2 Digital Pin. ATtiny85 displays the received data using I2C communication on OLED Display.

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