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Constructing a matrix keyboard with two buttons

March 21, 2020 by Silícios Lab

You'll learn how to make a matrix keyboard using only one button.


Ever imagined developing a system to receive numerical information, but do not know or do not know how to use a keyboard matrix? This project is for you!

The main reason for developing the project is to enable people to develop their keyboards using easy programming logic and to develop their keyboards at the cost of buying two buttons.

To develop this project, you'll need of this components.

Bill of Materials

Now, we'll explain how works the project.

How Works the Project

The propose of this project is use only one button with Arduino to substitute a numeric keyboard. The project works through the use of Arduino UNO and one button for increment a counter variable. According to the times quantity that button is pressed, the variable will be incremented and this value will be used as the numeric value.

In this simple project, don't was used LCD display to show the value of counter variable. For show the value, were used 4 LED's, to show the times quantity of the button was pressed.

The max value of count was limited ultil 4, because ware used 4 LED's. But you can use other value and alter for any aplication.

On the video, will be presented the project and the electronic schematic.


Thanks to the PCBWay for support the our YouTube Channel and produce and assembly PCBs with better quality.

The Silícios Lab thanks UTSOURCE to offer the electronic components.


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