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Display Images on E-Paper RTL8722

November 10, 2020 by Michael Zhang

The demo displays the real-time data with the power save mode by Eink screen.


The demo is displaying real time data with powersave mode. In this example, we use the Ameba RTL8722 module connects to a Waveshare 2.9inch e-Paper module to display a few texts data from the DHT sensor. The display uses the flexible substrate as the base plate, with interface and a reference system design. The DHT sensor reads data and displays on Eink screen when system is awake. After 5 seconds system auto enter DeepSleep Mode for power save. System will wake up by wakeup source.

Getting Started

  • AmebaD RTL8722CSM/RTL8722DM currently supports Windows XP/7/8/10 32-bits and 64-bits, Linux and Mac operating systems. In this documentation, please use Arduino IDE with version 1.8.12 or later.
  • Install the latest Arduino IDE. website:
  • in Arduino IDE, go to “File” -> “Preferences”, paste the following URL into “Additional Boards Manager URLs” field:
  • Next, go to “Tools” -> “Board” -> “Boards Manager”:find “Realtek AmebaD Boards” in the list, click “Install”


  • RTL8722DM x 1
  • DHT11 or DHT22 or DHT21 x 1
  • LCD I2C screen x 1


Ameba-D supports low power modes which are deepsleep mode. Deepsleep mode turns off most of the system power domain. The power consumption of the core module in DeepSleep Mode is around 7uA to 8uA compare to the normal state of around 22mA. This example gives a demo of the system switch between “working” and “sleep”(power save). Using DHT sensor to read data and display on Eink screen when the system is awake. After 5 seconds system auto-enter, DeepSleep Mode for power save. The system will wake up by wakeup source. ( Aon timer, Aon Pins, or RTC timer).

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