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DIY Arduino Fire Fighting Robot

May 13, 2024 by jobitjoseph1

Fires can be devastating, but with advancements in robotics, we can create innovative solutions like the Fire Fighting Robot using Arduino. In this guide, we'll show you how to build a Fire Fighting Robot using simple components and Arduino. This project is a great starting point for anyone interested in robotics and automation.

In this project, we will guide you through the process of building a simple yet effective Arduino-based fire fighting robot. This project leverages the power of robotics and Arduino programming to create a device capable of autonomously detecting and extinguishing fires. By using components like fire sensors, motors, a water pump, and Arduino Uno, you'll gain fundamental knowledge in robotics and automation.

What You'll Need

Gather these materials to get started:

  • Arduino UNO
  • Fire or Flame sensors (3)
  • SG90 Servo Motor
  • L293D Motor Driver module
  • Mini DC Submersible Pump
  • Small Breadboard
  • Robot chassis with motors and wheels
  • Small can (for water container)
  • Connecting wires

How the Fire-Fighting Robot Works

Our robot uses Arduino and flame sensors to detect fires. When it senses a fire, it calculates the fire's direction using sensor data and moves towards it with motor control. Once close to the fire, the robot activates a mini water pump mounted on a servo motor to spray water and extinguish the flames.

Follow the circuit diagram to assemble your Fire Fighting Robot. The connections are simple and can be adjusted based on your specific robot chassis and pump setup.

Use the provided Arduino code to control the robot's movements and water spraying. Customize the code to fine-tune the robot's behavior based on your preferences.

Testing and Deployment

Before putting your robot to work, test each component to ensure everything functions correctly. Once assembled, watch as your robot detects fires and springs into action to extinguish them with precision.


Building a Fire Fighting Robot with Arduino is not just a fun project—it's a meaningful introduction to the world of robotics. Let's use technology to improve safety and protect lives from the dangers of fire.

Explore more robotics projects and share your experiences in the comments . 

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