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DIY Powerful Ultra Bass Stereo Amplifier with D718

July 22, 2020 by engineer kid

This high-bass, ultra-audio quality powerful amplifier is fabricated and designed using the transistor D718.

The powerful ultra-bass stereo amplifier is very extensively used in both industrial commercial and domestic purposes because of its easy to get design and multipurpose functionality. The design and fabricated technology of the circuit is very simple and compatible to easily get through and creates high potential frequency generating a quality signal and audio modulation. The ultra-high bass created with the help of a D718 transistor creates very saturated high-voltage gain potential output.

The coils and high-bass generating capacitive network with the help of a D718 transistor give good regulation high output modulation. We easily adjust to increase and decrease the audio quality of this circuit because of the high potential and power automation. So let’s go in deeper and understand the principle, functioning, and DIY of an ultra-bass stereo amplifier using D718.



The stereo amplifier circuit have two output channels which is used to receive the input signal and getting it connected with the amplifier circuit for output modulation of frequency simulation. The circuit uses good switching and parallel electronic module for the variable and static regulation of stereo amplifier. The bass generated will be very huge and soothing at high range to the user and atmospheric variable because of its regulation.

Components Required

  • Utsource D718 price Transistor (4) 
  • 1k Ohm Resistor (2)
  • 470uF/35V Capacitor (2) 
  • Copper coil 15 turns (2) 
  • Potentiometer 50k (2) 
  • Connecting wires (as required) 

Step by Step Procedure

1. Attach the transistor D718 on the heat sink and connect base, collector and emitter terminals of the transistor as shown in the figure below


2. Connect 1k ohm resistors to both the ends of emitter to collector on the both the sides and coils as the same


3. Now connect 50k Ohm potentiometer on both the sides and do the connection with capacitive components and connect audio jack pin


4. Now attach the DC socket and and inset power supply adapter to make it in ON condition and thereby give power source audio generating signal response 


Now our ultra-bass stereo amplifier using the transistor D718 is ready. You can enjoy superior quality finest audio amplification with this power amplifier.

Part Numbers for  Alternative/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary Components

If you are unable to find the transistor D718 then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative of the transistor showing same physical, thermal and electrical properties as that of D718.

The replacement of the transistor D718 is B688

Part Number Equivalent of D718:

The part number equivalent of the transistor D718 is D1047, 2SB688


The ultra-bass high output power amplifier electronic circuit is very extensively used in commercial and industrial applications. The transistor used in the circuit D718 makes it even more compatible and suitable for the various engineering application and extensive power regulation. However many appliance of high-bass stereo amplifier’s used this transistor only because of outreach electrical and thermal properties to give out performance stability and characteristics. So the high-bass ultra-audio quality powerful amplifier is fabricated and designed using the transistor D718. 


engineer kid

I am an Electronics Engineer who loves to make microcontroller based projects.

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