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Arduino Handwashing Timer

April 30, 2020 by Utsource Parts

This project helps you clean your hands carefully and according to the instructions for avoiding COVID-19.

In this article, we will show you how to make a handwashing timer using Arduino and an ultrasonic sensor.

These days, washing hands has its importance due to the pandemic COVID-19. A lot of people have been affected throughout the World. The main precaution that you need to follow is to wash your hands properly. Unfortunately, most people wash their hands carelessly and they are more likely to encounter COVID-19. 

With the help of this project, you can ensure about washing your hands carefully. To protect yourself from COVID-19, it is suggested to wash your hands for 20 seconds. We have come up with this electronic project that can help you in cleaning your hands for 20 seconds. Keep in mind that prevention is better than treatment. In this project, the Ultrasonic Sensor is used that will detect the movement of the object. The servo is used here for the timer purpose.


Step 1: Material Required

For this amazing and useful project, you need the following things:

  • Arduino
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Servo Motor
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper Wires
  • Paper
  • Tape

This is an Arduino based project where the ultrasonic sensor and servo motor plays a vital role.

Step 2: Schematics Diagram

After gathering all the components required, the next step is to connect them according to the Schematics given above. Note that we have used a breadboard in this project to keep it easy and comfortable for you.

Place the Arduino on the breadboard and connect the Ultrasonic sensor with it first. Now, carefully make the connection according to the pin configurations seen above in the diagram. The Trigger and VCO are connected to the D9 and D10 of the Arduino respectively. The remaining two are for VCC and GND. Similarly, make sure to connect the signal (yellow wire) to the D7 of the Arduino.

After making the connections, take out the paper and paste it on the servo motor so that the rotor can easily rotate around the paper. Make sure to write down the time in seconds on the paper before placing it on the servo motor.

In the last step, connect the positive terminal of the battery to the Arduino’s Vin pin and the negative terminal to the GND.


Step 3: Code

Once you’ve successfully made the connections, the next step is to upload the Arduino code. For this purpose, open the application and copy/paste the following code.

Step 4: Testing the Project

After uploading the above code, you can test the hand wash timer by running the code. Place this project on the washing basin where you’re supposed to wash your hands. Put your hand near to the ultrasonic sensor and the servo motor will start rotating. As the motor rotates, you can see the timer from starting from 20 seconds. Keep washing your hands until this timer reaches to zero seconds.

This project can help you in cleaning your hands carefully and according to the instructions of COVID-19. 


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