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How to Use the AMS1117 Linear Voltage Regulator

June 16, 2020 by Utsource Parts

Learn all about the AMS1117, a type of linear voltage regulator often used for varying voltage flow in a circuit.

The AMS1117 is a type of linear voltage regulator that is used in the circuit for varying the voltage flow from the input to the output of the circuit.

We often use the power supplies like batteries or direct AC/DC supply which are normally in higher ranges like 12 V compared to the actual requirement for the circuit, for example, we may have a circuit board whose maximum voltage limit is 3.5V or 4V, Then we need this kind of voltage regulators which can regulate and vary the voltage levels for the circuit requirement.


Required Materials to Build This Circuit 

For this circuit, we need a 5V, 1A battery. We can also use the 5V, 0.5 mA battery for this circuit.

We need this above-mentioned component for powering the small IC/MCUs.


The image above shows the AMS1117 which is used as a voltage regulator in various circuits.


How to Properly Use the AMS1117 

The above circuit is an example for a voltage regulation circuit which uses AMS1117 for the voltage regulation purpose and it is connected to the open pins shown in the extreme right of the circuit.

The circuit is so simple to build and it can be made easily from any development boards like (ESP832 or Arduino nano etc)and using an AMS1117.


As shown in figure another 4.7 uF Capacitor is also needed for power management purposes.

Also, a 200-ohm resistor is also needed for a load in this voltage regulation circuit.

Now as mentioned below assemble the 200 Ohm Resistor along with the capacitor and the battery or power supply used as mentioned in the below picture.


Testing the AMS1117 Voltage Regulation Circuit

First, we have to hook up the multimeter with the two terminals as shown in the below picture for checking the voltage level of the circuits.


Then supply 12 V through the input terminals with connecting to the external power sources and you will see a 3.31 V to 3.35 V through the circuit so this how voltage is regulated by this AMS1117.


So this how we can use this AMS1117 in various circuits in which voltage Regulation is needed and this is an excellent device which can control voltages without altering the power levels in the circuit as well as it doesn’t consumes any extra power at all .And this is very useful for the electronic development purpose where the use of any other development board like Arduino nano, v3 , ESP32 module etc are involved so it is very useful for this operations also.

Mainly the voltage regulators are needed in the circuit for controlling voltage in the circuits they are ranging from the normal regulator to the small components in the toys also and it can also be used in various circuit applications so for buying them at Best price please visit at


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