This project aims to control various electronic components using wireless technology (in this case blue-tooth).

Interfacing of LED and HC-05 with Arduino Uno

This project aims to control the blinking of a LED using wireless technology. This will serve as a base to build more amazing projects on home automation and many more automation projects that are coming very soon.


Step 1: Connect and a LED to any Arduino board with the help of jumper wires.

Step 2: Connect the blue-tooth module (HC-05) to the Arduino with the help of jumper wires. Except the first and the last pin, all other pins need to be connected to the Arduino. 

Ground of HC-05 to Ground of Arduino.

Power of HC-05 to 3.3V of Arduino.

Tx of HC-05 to Rx of Arduino.

Rx of HC-05 to Tx of Arduino.  

        int led=8;
void setup() {

void loop() {
  if (Serial.available()>0) {
    char; //reading the data from the bluetooth module
      case 'a':digitalWrite(8,HIGH); // Pressing 'A' will power the led
      case 'b':digitalWrite(8,LOW); // pressing 'B' will turn off the led
      default: break;

Arunkumar Iyer
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