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Motion-Activated Screen unlock

August 16, 2022 by Daphne .

This project uses a PIR sensor to detect motion from the user and automatically login the computer, saving people time from having to type the password every day or every few hours.

Purpose of this project

Do you find it a hassle to always type your password every single time your computer goes to sleep? This project uses the PIR functions of detecting motion, when motion is detected, the computer will enter the log in page and automatically type in your computer's password, allowing you to log in easily.


Ameba RTL8722DM is a low-power dual-band WLAN and Bluetooth Low Energy SoC by Realtek. The RTL8722DM also include memory for Wi-Fi protocol functions and application making it simple for anyone to develop various kind of IoT applications. At the same time it has a wide range of peripheral interfaces. With all these interfaces, it can connect to most of the electronics components like LEDs, temperature and humidity sensors, and so on.

Need more Resources?

If you need additional technical documents or the source code for this project. Please visit the official websites and join the Facebook group and forum.

Ameba Official Website:

Ameba Facebook Group:

Ameba Forum:


For the code for this project, please visit my Github:

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