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nav-IRIS | AI Navigating Robot

February 05, 2024 by Fadel Taha

nav-IRIS is a project that uses Machine Learning to recognize traffic signs, interpret their meaning, and manage bot movement. Key Components: - Teachable Machine - Arduino UNO - ESP32-CAM


The objective of our project is to build a robotic car that uses Machine Learning & Vision Detection so it can recognize traffic signs and respond accordingly.


  • nav-IRIS upon starts detects for any objects in its path using ESP32 Camera.
  • As soon as it detects a Traffic Sign, by using ESP32Cam, it compares the image received with the Teachable Machines AI Model over the WiFi.
  • Once the AI Model confirms the match, the ESP32Camsends a signal to the Arduino UNO R3 using its serial communication port.
  • Upon receiving the Signal by the Arduino, it is compared against the Sketch Code.
  • Vehicle responds by following the instructions of the Sketch, and moves accordingly.
  • The loop continues.

Team Members:

  • Fadel Taha
  • Abdullah Nasrallah
  • Darem Khan


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