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Social Distancing Detector

May 14, 2020 by Tony Stark

During a time of required social distancing, this project measures how close you are to others to keep you safe.

This device helps you maintain a distance of 1 meter away from people (or risk losing your hearing).

Step 1: Wiring

Power connections are standard.

This step is easy, and if the diagram above doesn't work, the code has comments to help. The piezo buzzer VCC goes to digital pin 13, the trig pin goes to digital pin 6, and the echo pin goes to pin 5.

Power connections are standard.

Step 2: Code

The code can be found on my GitHub and it is archived. If you can't get it, I'll put the code into the comments too.

Step 3: Testing and Troubleshooting

Plug your Arduino in and run the code. Put your hand in front of the sensor. You should hear a piercing shriek. If you don't, check your wiring.

The sensor is ready to let you know if you're too close!

Most of my problems stem from either loose wires, wires that are not fully inserted into the breadboard, or wrong wiring. The code works, and has been fine-tuned to what works for my sensor. If yours seems to be off, adjust the code to 6 ft/1 m. Good luck!

Step 4: Finish!

This is a useful/fun project that can save lives. I didn't include a cover/case step or a clip for your belt, but those could be useful.

If you need the links to get the products, please visit my original Social Distancing Detector write-up

Congratulations on finishing!

Until next time, Merry Making from g3holliday

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