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ADO300 Series DC-DC Converter for Data Processing and Telecommunications

October 23, 2019 by Luke James

The ADO300 Series from Artesyn comprises low profile units that are ideal for systems with demanding inter-board spacing requirements.

The ADO300 Series of eight-brick isolated DC-DC converters has been designed to provide a single fully-regulated output at 3.3V, 5V, or 12V. 

Their compact size—11 mm in height when installed—allows design engineers to maximise space saving and create an ultra-compact PCB layout. This makes it ideal for applications with space constraints, such as telecommunications equipment and networking hardware.


The ADO300 Series of DC-DC Converters

The ADO300 Series of DC-DC converters supports digital control techniques and provides designers with a solution to monitor voltage, current, power, and temperature. This enables the simple measurement of system power demand, as well as the active control of the units.

Monitoring functions, moreover, can also be configured to generate warnings if a system approaches a shutdown point. This improves both system reliability and uptime.


AD0300 DC-DC converter from Artesyn.

AD0300 series DC-DC converters designed by Artesyn. Image Credit: Artesyn. 


The ADO300 Series includes 2 DC-DC converters, pictured above. The ADO300-48S12-6L measures in at 57.7 mm by 23.2 mm by 11.2 mm, whereas the ADO300-48S12B-6L (the baseplate version) is 58.77 mm by 23.2 mm by 13.5 mm. 

All the AD300 Series' monitoring and control functions are implemented over the industry-standard Power Management Bus (PMBus) command protocol.


ADO300 Series Features

Both DC-DC converters in the ADO300 Series have a digital and analogue interface version that follows the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance, aka DOSA footprint. The digital version facilitates communication to the converter via the said PMBus command protocol, whereas standard analogue functions include output voltage trim and remote on/off functions.

The converters have a high efficiency, namely around 95.2% (12V) at full load, and they can operate over an ambient temperature range of −40 to 85°C. Their open-frame design makes them inherently optimised for cooling via forced air or conduction, and the ADO300-48S12B-6L, as the aluminium base option, provides enhanced thermal performance. By having such high thermal performance, coupled with their pre-bias start-up, the DC-DC converters are ideal for use in telecoms and data processing equipment. 

Other features include:

  • Low ripple and noise

  • Fixed switching frequency

  • High capacitive load capability

  • High reliability

  • RoHS 6-compliance

  • Flammability standards-compliant (due to the technology’s UL94 V-0 materials)


ADO300 Series Applications

Owing to their ultra-small profile, the ADO300 DC-DC converters are highly suited to applications with constrained spacing requirements. These applications include data processing and telecommunications, hyper scale installations, and cloud infrastructure.

Design engineers and users can also scale their applications' power modules from 300W to 700W.

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