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ams Launches First Inductive Position Sensor for High-Speed Motors

December 27, 2019 by Luke James

The new and innovative AS5715 sensor IC from ams provides savings in cost, size, and weight when compared to the resolvers commonly used in vehicles today, and is set to disrupt a fast-growing market for electric vehicles.

ams, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-performance sensor solutions has recently introduced the first inductive position sensor designed for high-speed, automotive, and industrial electric motors as a standard product that is available on the open market.

Position sensors are used to meet the challenging demands of safety-critical automotive applications. The new rotor position sensing solution from ams is based on the AS5715 and matches the accuracy and latency of resolves that are currently widely used in high-speed motor applications. It also provides substantial savings in materials cost, size, and weight.


ams graphic of inductive position sensor for automotive applications.

A graphic by ams featuring the inductive position sensor. Image Credit ams.


AS5715 Sensor IC

By commercializing its inductive position sensor semiconductor technology, ams is contributing to the advance in the drive to electrify automotive systems such as power steering and traction in electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Chris Feige, Executive Vice President for Automotive Solutions at ams, said, “With the launch of the AS5715, ams takes another big step forward in its mission to provide technology for the greener, safer, smarter and more comfortable vehicle of tomorrow. Motors built with the AS5715 will be smaller, lighter, and deliver a smoother, more powerful output. This, coupled with cost savings are perfect reasons for automotive manufacturers to replace expensive, cumbersome resolvers with the AS5715 inductive sensor.”

Position measurements produced by the AS5715 underpin the operation of electric motor control systems, facilitating high-speed motors to maximize torque, limit torque ripple, and achieve high levels of efficiency. A position sensor system based on an AS5715 IC can achieve accuracy of up to ±0.3° at rotation speeds up to 100,000rpm in various motor types. 

This breakthrough in precision, performance enhancements and the reductions in size and cost mean that the sensor is set to disrupt a very fast-growing electric motor market that is currently forecast for 8.3% growth by value, expected to reach an estimated overall value of $34.6 billion in 2021. 

As national governments worldwide are legislating to cut average fuel consumption in motor vehicles in response to the ongoing climate emergency, alternatives to legacy electro-mechanical and hydraulic automotive systems, such as ams’ new sensor, are sure to be in demand from automotive manufacturers and contribute greatly to the continuous growth of the electric motor market.

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