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ANSYS and Microsoft Collaborate to Improve IoT Service That Enables Designers to Track Performance of Machinery Remotely

December 05, 2019 by Luke James

ANSYS is working with Microsoft to extend Azure Digital Twins, an IoT software service capable of creating comprehensive models of physical environments.

The collaboration is expected to enable Microsoft’s enterprise customers to improve operations and reduce costs of unexpected downtime. 

It was announced in early November that ANSYS is working with Microsoft to extend Microsoft Azure Digital Twins with ANSYS Twin Builder to enable customers to significantly improve their overall operations and cut costs. By providing Microsoft’s enterprise customers with the ability to more accurately predict future asset performance, unscheduled downtime is reduced which directly cuts costs associated with asset downtime and maintenance.  


About Azure Digital Twins and Twin Builder?

Azure Digital Twins is a spatial intelligence solution that uses analytics and modeling to “build smarter spaces”, says the Microsoft website.  Digital Twins facilitates the creation of complete models of physical environments with two-way IoT and Edge communications support. With it, engineers can also create spatial intelligence graphs, query data from a physical space, and build reusable, scalable experiences that link streaming data across the physical and digital world.

ANSYS Twin Builder enables the building, validating, and deployment of complete systems simulations and digital twins for predictive maintenance. It helps to improve maintenance outcomes and save on insurance and warranty costs by optimizing product operations. 

Together, the two systems make it easier for users to adopt and deploy digital twins by enabling manufacturers using Azure Digital Twins to optimize asset production and operations with ANSYS Twin Builder. Both Digital Twins and Twin Builder use integration and the Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL) standard, a language that is used to describe models and interfaces for digital twins.

ANSYS’s Eric Bantegnie said, “ANSYS Twin Builder’s complementary simulation data stream augments Microsoft Azure IoT Services and greatly enhances their customers’ understanding of asset performance,”


Illustration depicting the various connections and applications that the Azure Digital Twins software can be used to manage.

Illustration depicting the various connections and applications that the Azure Digital Twins software can be used to manage. Image Credit: Microsoft.


More Efficient Development and Management of Technology

It was a desire to see more efficient development and management of technology that led to this partnership between Microsoft and ANSYS. With additional software and data analytics delivered by Microsoft Azure Digital Twins and ANSYS Twin Builder, the IoT deployment process can be optimized for maximum efficiency.

When digital twins are more able to duplicate a physical object or scenario, designers are more likely to identify both efficiencies and deficiencies which helps speed up the development process and assess long-term performance. 

Microsoft’s Sam George said that as Microsoft Azure customers adopt IoT and digital twins to understand their assets, many are looking for tools to help them find new insights. 

He added, "Collaborating with ANSYS to extend Azure Digital Twins provides our customers with an understanding of their deployed assets’ performance by leveraging physics and simulation-based analytics…”

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