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AT&S Collaborate with IMST to Develop High-Frequency Solutions

August 19, 2020 by Luke James

AT&S has collaborated with IMST GmbH with a view to jointly develop high-frequency technology solutions.

IMST, a research-driven industrial engineering and design company specialising in radio technologies, microelectronics, and solutions for radar, chip design, radio modules, and communications systems, has begun a partnership with AT&S, a high-end printed circuit board (PCB) and substrate technology manufacturer.

“With this partnership, we are extending our service offering and will be able to provide technical solutions for the interconnect challenges of our customers,” says AT&S CEO Andreas Gerstenmayer.


Measuring Radiation 

One of the partnership’s first projects will be a simulation to evaluate the differences in radiation between a standard and an embedded solution. The effects of magnetic radiation from electronics are already evaluated with real measurements; however, AT&S and IMST believe that it should also be achieved using simulation, too. AT&S already has significant know-how in this area but hopes to build on its existing resources with the help of IMST.

“We intend to expand our system and design expertise in the area of radio-frequency modules and proactively offer our skills in the area of system development,” says senior product manager product development at AT&S, Christian Vockenberger. “This knowledge exchange would make it possible to create sustainable value and intellectual property by implementing new ideas. We will expand our range of services and open up to new future business opportunities.”


An image captured from an AT&S presentation.

An image captured from an AT&S presentation. Image Credit: AT&S.


Reducing Time to Market

With a partner like IMST, AT&S will be able to use synergies to build on its specific knowledge in the field of electronics development to fuel product development and reduce the amount of time it takes to get them to market. By doing this, the two companies will be able to offer jointly developed solutions and add value for their customers.

“Going forward, our customers have the advantage that we are able to not only provide PCBs to them. AT&S will be a sparring partner who evaluates the design and architecture of the solution and helps to reduce the development time and time to market significantly,” said Gerstenmayer.

“As a global technology leader in the high-tech printed circuit board sector, AT&S is a perfect partner for us,” says IMST founder and CEO Peter Waldow.

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