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ANSYS Partners With Motor Design Limited to Add Motor-CAD to Simulation Tool Portfolio

October 31, 2019 by Luke James

The combined ANSYS and Motor-CAD solution creates a comprehensive end-to-end workflow by adding Motor-CAD electric motor design software to ANSYS' existing simulation tools.

ANSYS, through an agreement with Motor Design Limited (MDL), recently announced that it is creating a powerful, design-to-validation workflow for electric machines to distribute Motor-CAD. 

Through the combination of MDL's leading electric motor design software and ANSYS' multiphysics analysis capabilities, the agreement extends simulation into the design phase of the electric machine product lifecycle. 


What is Motor-CAD?

MDL is a world leader in the development of advanced software and tools for electric machine design. The company's Motor-CAD software facilitates the evaluation of motor topologies and concepts across the full operating range by design engineers. This results in designs that are optimized for efficiency, size, and performance. 

Using Motor-CAD, engineers can perform electromagnetic and thermal performance tests on electric machine designs using an integrated system of software packages. In minutes, accurate calculations can be executed that provide engineers with more time to optimize their designs. 

Currently on its 11th iteration, Motor-CAD's latest release included:

  • A new static and dynamic rotor eccentricity functionality. 

  • A new FEA path interface allowing values to be analyzed along paths. 

  • A new SYNC EMag and Lab modules. 

  • A new SRM EMag module. 

  • A new thermal calculation interface. 

  • A new RomaxDESIGNER link for drivetrain NVH analysis. 

  • An improved skew functionality with optimum rotor and stator skew. Improved phasor diagram with voltage limits and filter components.


Motor Design Limited's Motor-CAD

Motor-CAD in action. Image Credit: Motor Design Limited.


AYSYS and Motor Design Limited's Partnership 

In an ANSYS press release, James Goss, MDL CEO, said, "Motor-CAD is the world-leading tool for fast multiphysics design and sizing of electrical machines. It allows users to efficiently calculate electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical performance of a machine over the complete operating cycle, making Motor-CAD ideally suited for iterative design space exploration and optimization of concept designs. Through our agreement with ANSYS, Motor-CAD will add these valuable upfront design capabilities to ANSYS' industry-leading multiphysics simulation technology."

In the same press release, ANSYS' senior director of product management, Steve Pytel, said, "The addition of Motor-CAD to the ANSYS electric machine design flow creates a complete end-to-end workflow for electric machine design. Its ease of use and single application focus allow ANSYS to expand the electric machine design workflow to the concept design engineering teams earlier in the development process. For deep analysis and validation, the Motor-CAD model can be transferred to ANSYS solvers, delivering high-fidelity, 2D and 3D analysis capabilities."

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