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BD83070GWL DC/DC Converter from ROHM for Wearables and Portable Devices

September 11, 2019 by Luke James

This product highlight will cover the major qualities of ROHM's buck-boost DC/DC converter with integrated MOSFET, such as notable efficiency and low-power consumption making it ideal for use in wearables and portable devices.

ROHM has released a buck-boost DC/DC converter that is integrated with MOSFET—the BD83070GWL. The converter combines efficiency with low power consumption to make it ideal for devices that need high levels of power efficiency such as IoT, wearables, and portable devices.

ROHM has developed this power supply IC in response to the ever-increasing demand for smaller components that can deliver on design flexibility and space for the integration of new functions whilst, at the same time, reducing power draw to maximize battery life. The manufacturer has achieved this by leveraging in-house ana.log design expertise and specialized power processes. 


The BD83070GWL DC/DC Converter

Developed to be the premier product for eco-friendly and low power devices used in compact, battery-powered applications, the BD83070GWL achieves an industry-leading low power consumption and power efficiency of 97% during operation. This is thanks to the built-in next-gen MOSFET and low control current circuit design.

Additionally, the buck-boost power supply IC achieves an astoundingly low current consumption of 2.8 microamps because of a low current circuit and an optimized, adaptable switching control function.  


ROHM BD83070GWL DC/DC converter

The BD83070GWL DC/DC converter. Image courtesy of ROHM Semiconductor.


These lead to longer operating times in compact battery-powered devices; the device can improve and prolong battery life by as much as 1.53 times when compared to other products. 

The BD83070GWL is an example of ROHM's commitment to leverage superior analog technologies for the development of high performance, low power supply ICs that offer great levels of energy efficiency. 


Potential Applications

The BD83970GWL is ideal for use in a wide range of applications where a device is battery-driven. These include IoT devices, Li-ion battery devices (including common consumer devices such as smartphones, PCs, and tablets), and household devices such as children's toys and electrical shavers, for instance. 

With integrated MOSFET, the DC-DC converter offers industry-leading efficiency and excellent power consumption. 


About ROHM

ROHM Semiconductor is a Japanese electronics manufacturer operating out of Kyoto. Founded in 1958 (incorporated as Toyo Electronics Industry Corporation), the company designs and manufactures ICs, semiconductors, and other electronic components for use in a wide range of consumer and industry products.

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